ExEmployer is denying to give Employment Verification Letter


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My ex-employer is denying to give employment verification letter. I have given proper notice and soft/hard copy of my resignation.Previous he told me that he will give me letter but now he is denying to give it.I worked with company 3 year in USA.

Can I take any legal action against the company?

Please assist me what can I do to get it.

Appreciate any help/suggestions.

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If you are unable to obtain an experience letter from a former employer in the USCIS required format, you will need to document that it is unavailable (i.e. self affidavit and any proof of your attempts to obtain the letter), two affidavits from colleagues with direct personal knowledge of your employment who can attest to the duties that you performed and any available secondary evidence (i.e. hire letter, relieving letter, service certificate, paystubs, W-2s, H-1B documentation, etc.).

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