140 premium processing from INDIA


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MY max out date on my 6 year term is Jan 2014. My perm priority date is on July 8th 2013. Most probobaly I have to leave to India if my perm is not approved.


Suppose I go an vacation to India for 2 months and during my 2 months vacations starting Feb 2014 if i get my perm approved.


i) Whether I can get my 140 preimum filing from India. If so if there any difference in processing my 1-140 from here vs processing the 140 while in INDIA.

ii) Is there any risk of processing my I-140 from India.

iii) Can I-140 be applied in premium from Inida.


If the above is true - whether my company has to file an extension of my H1-B while i am in india then go for stamping.


Could you please help me.


Thanks, for your help in advance.

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