L1B - H1B -L1A unused H1B calculation for clock reset

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I have travelled to US with following dates and visa status:


US Entry: 02/06/2007    US Exit: 01/03/2008    Non-immigrant status: L1B
US Entry: 22/03/2009    US Exit: 08/04/2011    Non-immigrant status: L1B
US Entry: 03/05/2011    US Exit: 31/05/2012    Non-immigrant status: L1B

US Entry: 02/11/2013 till Date                          Non-immigrant status: L1A

No entry on H1 visa, H1 Visa was stamped on 7th Feb 2013 , was valid till 30th Sep 2013. (H1 petition valid from 1 Oct-2012 till 30 Sep 2013). I filed this H1 petition when I was in US and approval came when I was in India. I got the stamping done but I couldn't travel on H1 and it got expired.


Now H1 has expired and my company filed L1A after 1 year clock rest and it is approved and stamped. Validity is 5th Oct 2013 - 30th Sep 2016. If I want to reuse my existing H1B under cap exempt, I believe I can use it but how much extension I will get. Will it be full 6 years or remaining 2 Years ( 4 years full L1B in US) or 3 years (as there was 1 year gap between my first entry in US and second entry in US and H1 was filed post that 1 year gap )?


Please advise.



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