F1 - 221g DUI(cancelled) - 221g Edu Backgound Check - passport with me


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I did my Master in US and started PhD in 2013 August. After completion of my first sem, I came to India for Visa stamping


I have been to Hyderabad for my Visa Interview on 11 Dec 2013 for my F1 (PhD) Visa. I was given 221g DUI and they got my passport. When I have consulted the panel doctor he said we would not do DUI test until I have DUI case in my history. Meanwhile I had an email from the consulate to pickup my passport. They returned my passport along with another form (this is for the DUI test), and my Master visa was "cancelled without prejudice"(is this any remark?). I told them that I don't have a DUI in my history and why would I need a test. They gave me an email address to complaint.


They called me later that day saying that was their mistake to issue DUI, and emailed me a questionaire to be filled(this is about my educational background). I filled that out and sent it by the end of that day.


Does this mean my I'm undergoing background check? How long would this usually take? And I have my passport with me, if my background check is cleared - do they ask me to come again to submit my passport?


PS: My 221g case number shows Administrative Processing when I check online.



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I'm really curious about your case. You completed your Masters and then went on for PhD, fine! So, actually when you visit your country, you can travel back to US with a certain period of time. Did you spoke to ISO in your school before the planned visit? There was no need to go for F1 visa renewal if you had originally got stamped with F1 Visa.


Have you been to US on some other visa and then changed the status to F1? Is that right???


Anyhow, I wish you the best. Hope you will complete your PhD.

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