Need help for Visa Stamping


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Hi All,


I'm going to Chennai for my H1B Stamping end of this year and i've the following questions. 


1) I'm on EVC model for the last 3 months and EVVC before. So i'm going to be showing the PO for last 3 months only. But Client letter says i've been working for 9 months. Is this an issue??


2) Should i get my client letter signed by my Client Manager or HR. My HR manager at client side only is issuing client letters. Is that ok??


3) I'm in a EVC model and this vendor information was not mentioned in client letter which was used for H1 amendment. Is that a problem?


4) If i need to take bank statement, how long is it needed for.. 6 months , 2 years??


5) Can anyone give me the format of employer letter and vendor letter please??



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