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Me and my daughter had gone for h4 visa on Jan 31st 2011, my daughter got her visa within a week, but I was given 221g pink slip, I do not have last name, can that be a cause or we stayed in USA for 3 yrs and we had applied for extension and did not get petition when I went to stamping. But now my petition has come but still not got my visa stamped, it's already 60days has been elapsed. Is any one in the same boat and please can any one help me out when do I get my visa. What do they do in administration processing.

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Not having a petition should not be an issue. Administrative processing looks like PIMS database check. It should not take more than a couple of hours to do that. There is no time limit on when a decision will be made for your visa application. You are at the mercy of US consulate. They will grant you visa if they want to.

Harrassment of family memebers of H1B visa holders from India in the name of administrative processing has spiked in the last couple of months. All you can do is to wait for a favorable reply from the consulate.

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