J-1 Visa Waiver- Attestation Question


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I about to start my J-1 Visa waiver process, i have few questions


1) As of now i am in India, in order to get attestation from Indian consulate on Bio data and Affidavit , do i need to send these documents and my original passport to Newyork Indian Consulate?


2) I am from Andhra Pradesh, can anybody provide me correct address of Home State government where i can send the documents for NOC.


any help highly appreciated.




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Hi Pavan


I can answer your first question:  since you are no longer in US, The CGI in US would no longer handle your case. I also started off with my J1 waiver in India. You should download the Biodata and affidavit forms, fill them and get them Notrized (attested) from any lawyer. Then submit these forms to differnt depts. I would admit as not many people do J1 waiver from India, it will take you some time to explain and convince the Dept officers your situation.


All the Best



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Andhra Pradesh

Home Department
Passport Office

The Deputy Secretary

The Regional Passport Officer
Government of Andhra Pradesh
Regional Passport Office ,
Home Department
Adjacent to prasanth theater
Secretariat, Hyderabad-500 022
Kummaraguda, Secunderabad - 500 003
Andhra Pradesh, India
Andhra Pradesh, India
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Hello, I am just starting my J-1 waiver application process and need some information. Could somebody post the proforma for the no objection letter/statement to be given my the applicant's spouse and the cover letter for the application per se?!


Also, a few questions:


1) Is it possible to collect the NOC from the regional passport office and state home dept in Hyderabad, if somebody is following it up personally?


2) Even if that is not really possible, could we atleast request the two offices to mail the NOC via FEDEX and consent to pay for the charges? I am just trying to reduce the logistics involved, apart from the beurocratic red tape involved.



Any response is highly appreciated. Thanks for all the great help extended via the forum!





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