485 Denied/Old I140 Revoked - PD Porting


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My 485 application with PD porting request was denied citing "Previous I140 was withdrawn and PD porting is not possible". Anybody here with similar experience recently? Is there any chance to defend this with MTR? I have seen similar cases in the forum requesting for porting went through without any issues in past.

Any comments on this would be great help.Thanks!

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Belle thanks for your comments. Since I left the company my I140 was withdrawn by petitioner. I see comments like yours every time I drop this scenario into forums, but I hardly find anybody reporting success on this. Yes as per USCIS memo back in Sep 2006 there should be no second view on this, but unfortunately all my consultations with attorneys about this in past few years had been mix of thoughts with no specific direction.

Its real tough for me to conclude on "good attorney", your tips would be great help. So far I have been using wise forums like this to make my layman decisions around this, but with this last chance I cant afford it.

Any comments advice from the forum members would be great help.

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