L2-H4 I-94


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My husband came to US on L1 Aug 2010 and i came on L2 Visa (I-94 validity was March 2013) .

He applied H1 that was effective from OCT 2012 and at the same time my COS to H4 was approved. He received new I-94 attached to I-797. But i received only I-797C original from USCIS (which doesn't has any I-94 attached obvious since its courtesy copy).


My concern is 


1) Do i or husbands employer or attorney would get any I-797A for my H4 from USCIS. Employer says he hasn't received any H4 approval notice from USCIS ? any idea why is it so?


2) Next month am planning to go to india for stamping and if i don't have I-797A for H4 will that be an issue ? or I-797C for H4 would be sufficient for my H4 stamping.


Experts pls suggest.


appreciate your help.

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