I-864 Help, I am on H1-b spouse filling GC

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 hello guys, so here is the situation , I am on h1-b visa status, I just got married to a US citizen Wife, and she filing for my green card. ok here where it gets complicated , she made about 45k last and and 15k year before and 15k year before that and currently she earning about 70k. I have been told its not enough for the i864 sponsorship. I am also been working in us and my prior 3yr incomes are 85k per yr.

Now Q1- is her current income enough and her past 3yr earing are enough for sponsorship

Q2- can I add my income along with her's so we can make it more 125% above poverty limit required by law.

Q3- If I am using my income do I have to file I-864A separately??
Please help


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Hi Ankit,


Q1: You may need to submit the last 3 yrs of tax return ( and recent tax return is must) for you and your wife. What you must want to include is, your and your wife's recent paystubs ( past 2-3 months) and a letter from employer stating current pay rate and hours. That should be good enought.


Q2: Yes, you should irrespective of her income. ( cause 70k by itself satifies the poverty limit but, it doesnt hurt to include your income ) 


Q3: No, if you and your spouse is the only one on affidavit of support, you just need to file I-864.


Hope this helps.

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