Not getting option to book Consulate Interview in ustraveldocs


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Hello All,


I am trying to book H1B Visa appointment through USTRAVELDOCS site. Steps that I followed are as below:

  1. Completed DS160 form.
  2. Paid required fees thr’ Axis bank. So receipt number is automatically reflecting against my name.
  3. However when I am going to next screen to schedule appointment, it is directly taking me to ‘Book OFS Appointment screen’. I am not getting ‘screen to Book consulate appointment’.
  4. Ideally as per sequence, you get first screen to ‘Book Consulate Interview’ and next screen is to book ‘OFS interview (fingerprint scan etc)’.
  5. Even when I went ahead and booked OFS appointment, I am not getting any option to book consulate interview.

I am not getting what has gone wrong.


In my case, I had got earlier visa valid till July 2014. However since I left that company, another company has filled my new visa using same cap and provided me new I797 petition. So I was planning to take stamping again for my new employer.


In DS160, there was a question ‘ Are you applying for same type of visa’ which I had answered ‘Yes’ as my previous visa was also H1B.


Can anyone please guide me on this front? I am not getting why I am not getting screen to book ‘US Consulate interview’?




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