L1B to H1B Conversion


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I am presently in US on my L1B visa.  When my L1B which was approved on Oct 2010 (and i came to US by Feb 2011) got expired in August 2013, i went to Toronto-Canada and got my new L1B visa stamped and got my I-94 expiry date as March 2016 now.


If i want to apply for a L1B to H1B conversion by April 2014, how long can i stay in US on H1B assuming i get my H1B approved in October 2014 ?


Assuming that i get sponsored for H1B from a different employer in April 2014, how soon should i apply for GC so that i dont max out the H1B max 6 years (By October 2014, i would have completed 4.5 years in US on my L1B).


Please help. I am kind of confused whether to go for a H1B conversion or continue to stay in L1B until March 2016.



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