h1b amendment timeline


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hi friends


my stamping was done in September with client A.


now i got another project from client B and moved to US last week.


my employer filed for lca and got it certified 2 weeks ago but has not filed amendment yet. we are waiting for client letter, sow and PO.


1. is it required that h1b amendment is filed before joining new client?
2. what is the timeline for filing amendment?


please provide your inputs


thanks & regards


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Yes, H1b amendment has to be filed before you join that client. At least you need to have a record that H1b amendment has been received by USCIS.


We all go thru this dilemma. It's tough to submit H-1b amendment before joining client. Sometimes USCIS considers few days gap at their own discretion if you have joined client earlier than H-1b submission date. 


Let me know further what happens with you case.

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