Previous company experience letter for I-140


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I got an RFE on I-140(EB2 porting EB3 PD) on the experience letter of my 3rd previous company(10 years ago) for not having the statement whether I worked on a full time or part time basis. The company is closed(does not have operations) in 2007. So I cant get the experience letter now as it is closed.


1.)  Since it is an 10 year old company I dont have any contacts of my co-workers or supervisor to get a employment affidavit letter.


2.)  I only do have my

A). H1B I-797 approvals of that company

B) Offer Letter


3.)  1st Previous company issued the experience letter mentioning full time basis, for 2nd previous company I got employment affidavit from my supervisor. The issue is only with 3rd previous company. 1st and 2nd previous companies total experience is around 61/2 years which is good enough for EB2 porting.


What are my options in this case? How shd I repsond to my RFE?




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