sevis termination


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I am a student from university X .I am taking English course because of low Tofel and they are going to terminate my 


sevis because of low attendance.When i meet my ISA she told me that reinstatement is fine for your problem.I have 


two options right one is reentry and another one is reinstatement.Reenter to us from Canada or Mexico it is quickest


process,while reinstatement takes around 4 to 5 months time.Which is the best and safest process for me inorder to 


gain my sevis into active state.One more thing i am a transfer student from another university the university name in 


visa and the university i am attending is different i change my university after coming to usa.Please help me out thanks


in advance. 

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I looked at this site recently and it has some useful information about getting your SEVIS into active state If you want correct advice it is best to look at what the US government has written or get advice from an immigration attorney (it is difficult to give advice about what is best to do when you don’t know all the details).

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