KCC's Contact Number for Client Verification.


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Hi All,


I need urgent help from you guys. This is very urgent.

My case is : EC (No middle vendor).

I gave my H1b visa interview at New Delhi US embassy. After interview , they issued 221(g) for asking to submit documents. I submitted documents. After one week I received a phone call from the US embassy to submit additional documents. I submitted those documents as well.

Now today , I received a call from the US Embassy again saying that my Client(NOT my employer) needs to contact Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) and until than my case will NOT process further and hold on 221(g). I received e-mail with same content. This must be client verification call from the US Embassy.


Can some one have KCC's contact number?, so I can give it to my client. I already searched on google but the number which is given on KCC's web site is for Diversify lottery , NOT for Non-Immigration visa.


If some one have the KCC's contact number. then reply to me on ASAP basis. It's very URGENT.





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