H1B transfer to multiple employers


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I need immediate help with my situation. An earliest possibe reply would really help. Thanks a lot.


I was employed with Company A and i have my H1-B transfered to Company-B.

I also have a transfer of H-1 ongoing/in-process from company C but only an LCA has been filed so far.

Company A has already relieved me. Now if i have to join company C, can i just wait for the H-1 transfer to be successful? Or do i need to join company B to be in the US lawfully and then start a fresh H1 transfer from Company B to Company C?

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1) if A has sent aready a notice to USCIS to revoke your H1B, and the number of days between your last day at A and the Company C filing is less than 15 days then you can join C directly even with a recipet notice (my personal suggestion not from a lawyer).

2) if the gap is more than 15 days, then Join B to make sure you are not violating the status issues. I would suggest pay B for PP service and get it done, if C is still working on the LCA and the lawyer is delaying it. You can always ask the C attorney to wait for a week or two.

3) to make sure you are never out of status, join b immediately and then if you dont wish to pay for B's PP or B is unwilling to do PP, then Ask C attorney to file for Consular Process based on B's recipet notice and the past pay checks, this will get your H1B approved for C and after receiving approval you will have to exit and re-enter US to be able to work for C.


Most good attorneys will not ask encourage to file a bridge petition and you fate will be dependent on B approval if this is the case.

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