H1 B approved Nov 19,vancouver 9.30am


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Thank  you all  for  sharing their experience. My experience.

Me: GM officer. 

Vo : GM

Vo: is this ur first H1?

me: yes

Vo:what is ur educational Background.

Me:  did my master's in XXXX university.


me: computer science

VO:what did you do after Masters:

Me: worked on OPT.

VO: give me ur LCA, DL,Paystub,offer letter.

Me: gave all of them 

VO:verified DL.asked me you stay XX city.


VO: Annual pay? do you  get paid monthly?

Me:xxx K, yes monthly.

VO : do you have any  family in the USA?

me : No.

VO:  when do you started working for the Employer?

me: from 20XX

VO:do you have any issues with ur empolyer?


VO;verified  the offer letter, Paystubs, LCA.started typing someting.  please verify employer right document. in the mean while started looking into computer for few minutes and again asked . did you pay your H1 B  filing fee to  your emplyer?

Me: No.

Vo:  Finally said your Visa is  approved. 






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