H1 to L1 Conversion


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Currently I am in H1B visa and it is valid till May 2015. Now i am in the process of converting H1 to L1 in order to get EAD for my spouse. My L1 blanket petition got approved without I-94. I am planning to go to Canada for stamping in January 2014. Meantime i have few clarifications.


1) If my L1 Blanket stamping gets denied, would I still be eligible to continue working on my H1B?


2) Will my current I-94 need to be submitted in the US airport while leaving to Canada for stamping? Is this valid irrespective of my L1 denial or approval ?


3) As my L1B petition approval doesn't have I-94, I wanted to know whether the L1B visa will be issued along with I-94?
4) If L1B visa is issued without I-94 then what i need to do? Am i eligible to enter US in this case?
5) If L1B visa gets approved, for how many years it will be issued minimum ? Will my H1B period taken into consideration.
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