H1B fraud how to report it?


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Unfortunately one of my friend become victim of vicious employer. My friend is working in India and he was looking for H1B sponsorship. In the last week of March 2014, we came across a employer and he promised to file H1B in 2014 quota with supporting client documents. But he asked to 3 lacks INR. My friend transferred the funds. Later the employer said his application is not picked in the lottery and he will refund the amount by deducting administrative expenses. But now he is not responding to the calls or emails and he is not interested to refund the amount. 

In the emails conversion we had, he confirmed the money transfer we made and he also promised to refund the funds. Last time I have threatened that him we will contact the authorities like DOL, USCIS and US consulate in India to report the company has fraud. 

Now we see no hope of getting the money back and we want to at least file a report on this company. 
So what are options here? Has any one handled this kind of situation earlier? Can I fight with the employer legally on behalf of my friend here. 

The only proof we have is the email communication with the employer. The whole conversion clearly mentions that we paid for H1B filing and they failed to refund. What are legal implications on our side. 

Your advice is greatly appreciated!!!!

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Mistake is on both sides. Legally it is not valid to pay for H1B filing. But my friend paid the money with out knowing the process. The employer has clear intention of deceiving my friend here. Employer asked him to pay for the initial expenses and he said he will refund them. This is how most of the H1B employers are working with offshore people. As the employer deceived my friend, there should be a way to complaint on him.


So whom to approach now? Is it USCIS, DOL or Chennai Consulate? We want to bring some justice here. We are not looking for refund,.

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