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First of all I would like to thank everyone from murthy forum for your invaluable support.


Visa Interview:


My interview was on Nov 14th at calgary consulate and Everything went well..I would definetely recommend calgary as I have seen lot of my friends and other people who

got their visas without any document being asked for..


My interview was at 8:30 AM .My profile is bacically EVC and Masters and bachelors  in electrical..I went with 3 other friends at 8 AM and everyone got their visa.At calagry security

staff are more particular about your timings meaning they will not let you inside untill your visa slot..have your DS160 confirmation page printed in color

and you will be asked how old the photo is ?

and be careful about what you carry ..most common assumptions are carrying watch,car keys and cell phone which are not allowed and you cant even leave them

within 100 mtrs of consulate so definetely you would have to run back to hotel room.


you have to go through three steps before you face VO...first get a basic security and then you will be given a pink token and wait there to be assisted by some one to 10th floor

second you give another security on 10th floor and third you give your finger prints where you will also be screened for any PIMS delays and will get a small white token number.


wait untill your token number flashes on screen and I went to BOOTH A as did most of my friends who had successful stamping..At that point only 2 booths were open booth 4 and Booth A..I was called


a white bald guy is the VO


1)how long you hav been living in US ?? (standard question to all of my friends )

2)how long you are working for employer?

3)whats your title ?

4)name of client ?

5)did you got to xxxx school ?

6)did you do your masters in xxxx?


your visa is approved ...


few tips :


We took our hotel on macleoid trail and our hotel has direct bus (route 10) to consulate(city hall stop).Calgary is very costly interms of food

and everything.schedule your flight a day in advance as you might run into inclement weather and have flight delays.currency exchange can be

done at calagary airport..carry jackets etc it is really cold there..


questions at port of entry(POE) :


for those who dont know POE happens in canada itself..I have seen CBP people drilling a little bit before they admit you but stay cool  and obvioulsy since you are entering

back on work VISA you will be certainly asked about your employment like employer location and client location  etc..I went to a

cool chinse guy at booth 4 who was asking questions friendly way..


1)where you heading to ? XXX

2)where does your employer reside ? YYY

3)why you are going to XXXX not TTTT ? and also asked if I work from home

4)why did you come to canada ? wht places did you go ?

5)when did you come to can and how many days did u visit ?



All in All everything was cool and dont worry about POE as you will be definetly admitted but have to go through a set of

serious questions..



Calgary is a good place to schedule appointmnt now from what I have seen as far as quetions are considered and I would definetly reccomend all my friends to go there.

Luckily we had a good batch of people and also we took time to visit calgary tower and banff national park..


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