Birth Certificate alternatives..?

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I filed concurrent I-130 + I-485 for my mother who is in US currently; along with I-864+I-693+I-765+I-131+G-325A.


Since mine and my mother's birth certificates are not available, I have supplied "No Entry Certificate" from the locatl Municipal Corporation.


I got a request for initial evidence (I-485) .. asking for ..


* Birth Certificate for the petitioner for I-130 (which is ME).


My qs are..


a/. As an additional document to the above "No Entry Certificate", can my mother sign this Affidavit for my birth, since she is an applicant also .. (for the I-485) ... ?


b/. Affidavit from how many persons do we need? one or two..?


c/. Do I need to provide them similar affidavit for my mother's No-Entry Certificate too? (though they haven't asked for it yet)


d/. Can I provide them a copy of my 'Expired Indian passport' which has the names of Both my parents..? (my school certificate has listing of my father only).


Thanks in advance for any insight on this.




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