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I am in an urgent need of advice to face an employer.


I am currently working for Company A. Company B interviewed and offered me a new job and agreed to file H1-B and GC just before the shutdown.

I accepted the offer and sent all the required paperwork. But,due to shutdown the process was not started. 


After 1 week of government reopen, I asked Company B that I see an issue that I will not qualify for EB2 category (in which my current GC is in) and if this cannot resolve, I would not want to join Company B. After a lot of discussion, I said no to the offer.


Now, Company B is coming back and asking for the legal fee of $2200 for LCA filing. Initially, they were asking for remittance of H1-b filing, but, I notified them that this is illegal. 


My question is, am I liable to pay them $2200 legal fee for the LCA process? Is it not the employer who bears this cost?



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