Successful Stamping @ Ottawa, Canada


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Thanks for all your contribution on this forum, it helped me to prepare for successful stamping.


My Case: I came to US with L1 and changed to H1, this is my First H1B (EC Model). No Masters in US, only Bachelors in India. But I been here for 5 years, guess that made me plus on the interview.


Steps I did to get it :

  • Applied for Canada visa, it took 5 complete week to get the stamped passport. NY Embassy.
  • Got the interview on the first day of the week on the first schedule(7:30). I thought they will be fresh , will be in a good phase after the weekend. It worked out too.
  • My Interview:
    • What you do ?
    • What is your project about ?
    • Where do you work ?
    • Who is your Employer ?
    • Who is your manager?
    • Did you do Masters in US? . I said I did 4 years Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. ( I didn’t say No for the question, don’t want to be negative ;) ..
  • Visa Approved and got the passport in 2 days.


My Tips:

  • Always positive on your answer, no “NO” word.
  • Clear on what you are saying, meant HONEST.
  • You get only 2 mins window time to prove that you need Visa & your job needs you.
  • Prepare all your docs that is very important.
    • Offer Letter
    • Experience Letters
    • Degree Certificates
    • W2/ Pay Stubs / Tax File Docs / Bank Statements for last 3 months  
    • LCA/ I797/ I94 card
    • Client Letter/ Vendor Letter/ Project Doc / ID card / Timesheet Copy
  • Read through all the questions asked on the forum and get yourself an answer for it.
  • Talk with your employer on your LCA , Offer letter details, get it clear if you see any queries  on it. It is our responsibility to know about it.
  • It is always good to go with well dressed, it gives a good impression on you. I guess they also look for it, because we work in High Tech Corps. There were almost 20 ppl on my interview day, 16 of them are us, only 2 of them were with suit L.  
  • Don’t worry about which consulate is good, where they approve more, it is all you & your docs get you the visa. Doesn’t matter on the consulate.


Prepare well, have your Docs ready & handy, be confident, answer straight, YOU GET YOUR VISA !!! J.


Good Luck to all ..

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