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what should be my answer if VO asks:


Why is your employer running per DM (Reimbursements) ?


a. He usually reimburses me for my Gas,Phone,food,Stay..Can you show me the bills...Yes I submit expense sheet on a monthly basis to my employer which he approves.


Will the above answer be ok for the VO ??




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BTW, it is "Per Diem", which is Latin. You may need to show copies of the expense reports.


JoeF --- I would appreciate if you can let me know what to answer for the below ??


My Concern:


My H-1B started this October 2013..before that i was on OPT...I have been working with this client from February 2013 my LCA and H-1B has been Approved with the same client.


My Client Location is NC (Physical Address) and i have been paying Tax's to  IL (Employer Location) though i have been working with the same client since Feb 2013, from October 2013 as my H-1B started i have been paying taxes to NC.


Am i good to go for Visa stamping ??


What if VO asks me about the whole Tax thing on my paycheck what should be my answer??

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