Regarding I 485 form Part 2 - Please clarify


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This is reagrding I 485 application

When I fill thsi application, I am little confused on teh Part 2 options.

Here is my story:

I got my date current on July bulleting. Getting ready with the docs now. For me I think I am supposed to select Option a (an immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number has been

approved. (Attach a copy of the approval notice, or a relative, special immigrant juvenile or

special immigrant military visa petition filed with this application that will give you an

immediately available visa number, if approved.)for Part 2 question in I 485. Correct me if I am wrong.

I am adding my husband with this application (who is also in H1 and has his own I 140). Should I select Option b (my spouse or parent applied for adjustment of status or was granted lawful permanent residence

in an immigrant visa category that allows derivative status for spouses and children)for him or option a.

Please clarify this if anyone has done this defore on teh same situation.

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