DUI Trail in process want to go India for six month


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Hi amishra,

Do u have any info to share ? I got charged with 1st DUI 2 days back, it brought lot of embarrassment and stress of stamping(h1), job search related issues. I be been planning to visit my parent coming April.

Any info from you would be a great help.


Same advice as above applies: Get a criminal lawyer and an immigration lawyer.

And forget about traveling.

A DUI costs a lot of money, easily 20K.

Next time, get a cab. Much cheaper. (and safer)..

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hi JoeF and t75,


Thanks a lot for the response! Hired a lawyer and swallowed the cancelled trip but still wondering how long I should avoid travel.


would you be able advise an immigration attorney?

Thanks again!



What Attorney_23 said. You are on a forum run by a very good immigration law firm...

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