My immigration Saga ends today!


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Dear All,

After 10 years in this country, I finally got my Green Card. Came here in 2001 for my MS, faced tech bust, cant get any assistantship due to the downturn. Survived with on-campus job. Worked hard on my masters and Research, published papers in IEEE. Got innovative chip tapeout, finally landed in Silicon Valley. Got married, wife came on H4. She being IIT graduate got 2 job offers, but H1 numbers got exhausted and she couldnt work anywhere. That day I felt sometime life sucks bigtime. Anyhow, she waited another year, got decent job, H1. Life went on with all the immigration nightmare during visas etc. And finally after 5 years today got our GC.

I want to sincerely thank this Forum, where I visited very often, either to get some info or to comfort myself by reading others post who where in the same boat as mine. I want to Thank some great people in this forum too like JoeF, Belle etc.

In the end, I would say although the system sucks but it works. Just hang-on. My best wishes to all of you and your family who still waiting for the GC. I will visit the forum and will try to help others whenever possible. Thanks again.



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