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My Current H1B visa expires on FEB 2012 my LBR/I140 is approved and Current employer A is yet to file H1 extension

If I currently do a job switch and move to a new Employer B my questions.

1) If new employer B does my visa transfer will they get 3 yrs Visa Extension based on my Current I-140 approved from Current Employer A. Even though my Current Employer A has not filed my H1 Extension yet and current visa expires on Feb 2012.

2) If new employer B doesn't file GC(Lbr/I140) for me how much time I would then have on my visa to stay in US.

3) At what time can I do H1 transfer to a third new employer C if Employer B doesn't file my GC.

4) Will my H1 Transfer to Employer C be denied by USCIS since by that time Employer A would have revoked I-140 and it could be a big risk for me and meaning I would be stuck.

I appreciate your response on this as this will help me to know if there is a 100% risk to move to a new employer at this stage if there is a no written guarantee of Filing my GC process.

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