Stamping dates in Chennai for December..!*********** PLEASE HELP


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Hello guys,


I have a different situation here...I have applied for Canada for stamping and waiting for Canada visa....I have to go to India in december and I am worried if canada thing will get delayed....I am thinking of going to Chennai and get it stamped...but before cancelling my current DS 160 and paying a new  fees, I would like to know if there are dates available in Chennai for December....if anyone know, please let me know...


Its kinda urgent, and I need to make  a decision in couple of days as tickets are also getting expensive..!!! 

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You need to check with website instead of asking people here. 

I understand that Gita..but I was wondering if there are people who are already going to Chennai this december and they have a sense of available dates in December. Once I cancel my current DS -160 for Canada, and realize that there are no dates available in Chennai for december, I will be screwed....So just wanted to play safe before taking risk...

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