I 797 was held at Toronto consulate along with my Passport


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I have a quick question, I had my visa interview Oct 18th, 10am. Everything went great and I was granted the visa.

1. Went to the counter to get my passport and DS 160 confirmation page in a blue folder and she stamped a seal on the confirmation page.

2. Went to the counter and have given the latest I 797 and got the token number.

3. Finger prints were collected and she uploaded my white background picture to the record.

4. A Chinese (Non-Indian Asian) lady was the VO and asked few questions related to,

my company,

what do they do,

what is my role and responsibilities,

how long was I employed by the company and then she verified some information on the computer and said that the VISA is APPROVED and i will get an email in 3-5 business days.

She gave me a white paper which has the details of collection of my passport.

I was happy and relieved that I just walked out of the consulate. I realized after getting into the cab that my I 797 was also with the consulate officer along with my passport.


My question is, will I get my I 797 back along with my passport or do I have to go back to the consulate to get this document? Is it normal to retain the I 797 after the interview or was it my mistake?


Thanks in advance for your help and time.


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Hey Dilip,

Congrats, Even mine was the same situation.My Interview was on 21st Oct. Hopefully they will return I797 with Passport.


Btw did you get your doc's back?? How long does it take loomis to update the https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ ?? Mine is not showing any update :(


I have to find a new accomdation to stay more. Please help me with your info. *********************


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