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I had traveled to India this April and got my H1 visa stamped with the same employer as I am working with (A desi consulting firm). I haven't changed my employer, but my client has changed. Is travel in this phase recommended? What are some of the steps I should follow in order to make sure there are no issues at port of entry? Have there been recent incidents where people having my case have been denied entry?


Any help in this regard will be extremely helpful.


Thanks in Advance


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Actually I am in the middle of clients. The client with which my H1 was stamped is a direct client (VC) and it is going to end. I was supposed to begin with the new client immediately after, but I decided to take a week of vacation to celebrate Diwali at home, and starting with the new client after immediately after coming back. I am pretty sure I will get the client letter from the new client, but was wondering just in case. Is it possible to take the old client letter I got my H1 stamped on? 


Sorry, should have mentioned this in detail in my previous post. If you can throw some light, that would be great.


Thanks again for the response.

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