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Hi All


Could someone answer my questions below.I have applied for TRV to canada on September 19th and havenot heard anything from them yet.I have heard many people who applied around this same date got a response.


1.Does anyone know how long does it approximately take?

2.Is there anyone whose visa has been rejected after taking so long for response.

3.can i email or call anybody on the same.

4.I have applied online.So can anyone tell me where does all the online applications get processed..OTTOWA?


It would be great if someone can answer these questions.i have my h1 interview on nov 5th.This is getting on my nerves now :(

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I applied on 20th sep. still no response. The site gets updated on wed/thursday (once in two weeks) . Am hoping we should have some update in this week.



1. In the site it is mentioned 16 days. But its taking longer than that. But some people got approval in less than 2 weeks.All depends on number of applications they recieve.

2. Not sure

3. we cant email or call for status. all we can do is wait till we hear some  thing back from them.

4. Not sure

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