Spouse I-485 service center different than primary


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My I-485 is pending at TSC. We mailed my Wife's application on July 1st to the Phoneix lock box. I was thinking that my wife's application would be processed at TSC (same as mine). But,after getting the receipt notice, we saw that my wife's application was sent to NSC. Not sure why?

Do we have to call and ask them to transfer my wife's application to TSC?

Can I raise an SR on my case? or will it trigger any transfers and delay it further?


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Hi Belle !

Well, you have a point. But at the same time they could have made an error, may be,

My lawyer says- when the time comes, when an officer looks at my wife's file then they would tranfer her case to TSC.

Belle - Do you think making a call to confirm it was intentional is a good idea?

FYI : My I-485 receipt is from NSC. But, it was later transferred to TSC. I submitted both receipt (NSC) and transfer notice (TSC). Not sure if this caused the confusion. Lawyer suggested to send both.

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I would not worry about it. Realistically, your application should be approved first. Once it is approved, there is nothing else needed from your application to approve your wife's case, just a note in the system that your case was approved.

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