Transferring with a new sevis number on different sevis numver visa.


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how are you today?

if you know this situation, please let me know guys.. i need your help.


my i-20 was terminated on june because i didn't attend school which was ************ college.

at that semester, i was studying toefl to transfer to another college which has more classes(engineering)

and i needed toefl score moren than 61.


the toefl test date was closer, i started to miss 2 classes.

only i finished one was math class.


finally, for not attending 2 classes , my i-20 was terminated.

i explained them like 'i wanted to transfer to another college to study enginnering and i didn't know attending class is important.. i was studying toefl...".

but they just terminated it . i had a proof, it didnt make it.


after that happened, anyway i reinstated from a language school which i had been there for a while ( also, i went to mexico to re-enter to united states).


and one month later, i applied to ************** College. but, i was denied.

because my SEVIS number on Visa (my visa is still valid.) and my new sevis number are different.

this is what they told me.


so i tried to find out the way i can apply, i went to language school and i told them what happened.

but language school said i have a right status and nothing wrong.


also, i called immigration twice and asked the same thing what happened to me and there is something wrong,

immigration also said that i have a right status and if i have a valid visa, it should be okay.


i let them hear what i recorded(talking with immigration) from my phone.

but still ************ College didnt believe what i recorded and they kept saying i'm wrong.


finally i couldn't apply and i'm still in language school.



so at this moment, i don't know what to do.

should i reinstate my terminated i-20 to get the same sevis number ?




is Mesa College wrong ? or language school is wrong ?


i heard that students can transfer with different sevis number.. is that true?


please help me out guys..

thank you for reading.

i will be looking forward your response

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You were more likely denied admission because you were not in good standing at your other university and had demonstrated by your failures there that you are unlikely to pass the harder engineering classes.


Go home and attend school there, get good grades for a year or two and reapply.

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