GC Mailed/Picked up by USCIS but never received


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Hello all,

I am in a peculiar situation. I thought the worst had ended when I got the approval notice but the saga continues. I got card production e-mail/sms a couple of weeks ago and I called USCIS last week to get a tracking number for my card. According to USPS online tracking, I should have had the card by Aug 11. It is Aug 17th and there is no sign of the card. Is anyone in a similar situation? USCIS says I need to wait for 30 days and if I do not get the card need to file an I-90. USPS says they don't know where the piece of mail is...I am just a bit confused. USICS also said that if they do NOT get a returned mail, I will need to pay the fee for I-90 which I think is ridiculous. How it it my fault that I need to pay the fees? Make the USPS pay for it for losing it....

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Call your local usps office or better yet pay them a visit. From your post it seems that the card is with usps(initial status should show shipment was accepted).

Usually 2-3 business days is enough.

Most likely it was incorrectly routed and will make its way back to you. If you dont get it this week then you might have to consider it lost.

good luck.

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Contacted USPS, local office and Corbin, KY; Local office also contacted Corbin, KY and the word right now is that since there is 1000s and 1000s of this mail that goes through their facility there is a possibility that it is actually lost. They cannot track it since USCIS does not send the mails with a "track at every scan" rather it only sends it with a delivery confirmation which means it will only get scanned at delivery and pick up. The best case scenario I am hoping for is that the mail eventually gets returned backed to USCIS as undeliverable that way I do not have to pay the biometrics and application fee when I apply for I-90.

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