Mexico Travel - Husband received same I94 number and Spouse new I94


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Hello All,


I was on L1A and my spouse on L2. My H1 and H4 COS were applied starting October 1st. The request to for withdrawal of H1 and H4 petition were submitted on sept 17th and case shows to be initial review. In order to be sure that L1A status is retained, Murthy lawyer advised me to travel and come back in after Oct 1st. I travelled to Mexico City by air on Sept 29th  through Atlanta where they kept our old I94. On return from Mexico city on October 2nd, our immigration happened at Atlanta port of entry. I was thinking that both of us will receive new I94 but this is what I see now on CBP online site. I am totally confused now.


Can someone please advise how to interpret my status. I think since my recent class of admission is on L1, I am on L1A even though I94 number remained the same.


For me:

1) I received same L1A I94 number which I had submitted with airline while leaving mexico city.

2) The recent I94 has Class of Admission as L1

2) The recent I94 has most recent date of entry i.e 02 Oct 2013

3) The recent I94 has same admit until date as my submitted L1 i.e 27th Oct 2015


For my spouse:

1) She received new I94 number. It does not match the I94 she had previously on L2

2) The new I94 has class of admission as L2

3) The recen I94 has most recent date of entry i.e 02 Oct 2013

4) The recent I94 has a different admit until date 18th Aptil 2015


Any help and guidance will be highly appreciated




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