H1b Visa Extension after 6 years quota


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My H1B visa expires on Nov 5th 2013 (6 years including recapture)

My Company filed for PERM in March 13, 2013 and is stuck in the DOL (Thanks to Government Shutdown).

I now have 2 options, either to file for H4 on my wife's H1B and stay in status until March 13, 2014 and then apply for H1B 1 year extension provided my PERM is not denied.

Or else going back to India and come back after Mach 13, 2014.

I wanted to see if there is a 3rd option where in an Attorney can represent me and work a way out with USCIS in extending my current H1B without a change of status.

There is a specific case I knew from trackit.com and I tried chasing that particular user but in vain.


I know the most common answer will be no more extension of H1B after 6 years when PERM is filed in 6th year. But I believe its still worth a try to extend my status.


Yours Hopefully,



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