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I am in EVVC model. In my Client and Vendor letters for VISA stamping, if my employer's name and the two vendors names are mentioned in all the letters - Will it create problems? If so, how to avoid this problem (is ther ea format for Vendor/client letter that you can suggest me to follow?)





No problem, you are good to go. All the letters should mention your employer's name on it.

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Hi Sree,


We can't say. Its all up to your luck. I am on EVC model. I work for Government Client. My client letter had only my employer name. I had vendor letter as separate. 


I appeared for the visa interview on 07/23/2013 and got 221 g blue slip. My interview was with Chennai Consulate. They didn't ask me to submit any documents. They simply told me this:  "Its Administrative Processing. We want to take some more time to make decision on your case. We will contact you if we need any documents or information".


Some people are saying to me that I got 221 g because of my EVC model. As per them, its easy to get stamping if we are working on EC model. I don't know how much this is true. Wish for Good luck.

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