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I have attended VI on June 25th and I got 221g BLUE, but my petition is expiring by end of October. I recently Applied for Extension and got the approval,

my questions is ,


can go for Visa Interview again with latest PEtition from November 1st onwards(new petition starting date is 1st of November)??


I am still working for same client from india, but job will be soon.


Please help me with your valuable suggestions...



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How did you applied for the extension when your case is under 221-G? You need to cancel the previous petition and should have applied for new H1-B with X employer and than will have to go for stamping...

221(g) is administrative processing for visa issuance and not for H1B petition. In this case OP need not go for another visa interview but has to update US consulate processing his visa application about extension approval of H1B petition.

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