visa stamping in jamaca on sept 25th


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Me and my friend went to jamaica for h1b stamping on sept 25th


at Jamaican Port of entry the officers asked us what is the purpose and we told them we have visa interview at US consulate and they asked us the copy of our visa appoinment letter and hotel confirmation and our return flight ticket. Make sure you have all these with you.


On the day of interview we reached consulate by 730 AM . our appointment is at 8:00AM but we have seen people with 9:00 AM interview slot before us in the line and security allowed them at 7:30


Once we are in the consulate they made us sit  for 30 mins be


allowing us in for our fingerprints.


It took us another 30 mins for fingerprints. After the fingerprints they made us sit outside for another 2 hrs.


Then we were called in for our visa interview.


Visa officer asked me what do I do, where do I work and what did I do before joining present company.


He asked me where did I do my masters, and what my major is. My masters major is Non IT and he asked me how is it related. I told him I did some IT courses. Then he gave me a red slip asking me to come back two days later to pick my passport. 


My friend has a similar interview except he from a non IT background and working in Non IT field.


The visa officers there are very helpful and all you need to do is giving your answers confidently.


When you pick up your passport make sure all your details on the visa stamp are accurate. My friend had some mistakes on his visa stamp so they made us wait for 15 mins and they gave his passport with a new stamp.


2 other people had interview on the same day and they did get their visa.


We stayed at The gardens hotel(23 liguanea avenue) this is a decent hotel just good enough to stay there and it is walkable from US embassy

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