I140 approved and on H1b extension - change of companies


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I have my I-140 approved and on my H1B extension ( 3 year extension) which will expire in 07/2014. I am now trying to change jobs. One of the questions I have is, will the new company be able to file for a full 3 year extension from today ( i.e. from 10/2013 to 10/2016 )  or will it only be able to do it only till 10/2013 to 07/2014.


Can any of the experts please help clarify.



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No your new employer will not get again 3 year extension  i.e. from 10/2013 to 10/2016. So if you go for a transfer now it will be valid till 07/2014. Then your new employer has to file a extension provided your I140 is approved again with them.


Ask your new employer to start your greencard process the day you join the company. Since, you will have 9 months and can go for premium for I 140 stage.


​This advise is based on experience. 

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