Unable to book appointment at Vancouver


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I am planning to schedule an appointment for my H1B visa stamping at Vancouver. When I am filling the application to pay my MRV fees and book the date, it's not taking me forward as it is indicating

There are no available appointments at this time.


But when I am selecting other loactions like Ottawa or Tornoto, I am able to move forward to fill the application. So do I need to wait until there are open appointments? Usually how long it may take to open new appointments? Or I am facing any other issue?


Any help/info on this is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!!!

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Its because now there are no dates available in Vancouver. Its hard to get dates now. If you are not in a hurry and planning to go after 2 months then it's better to wait till the dates are open.


But If you are planning to go now.. Then it's better choose the other locations( Like Ottawa, Calgary , Toronto etc)   for dates. 

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