Working for sponsoring employer and current employer at the same time after GC approved?

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Hi there,

Could someone please advise me on the below.


I left the GC sponsoring employer (company A) some time back before my 140 was approved and moved onto Company B. Company A has continued to process my GC and I just filed for my 485. I really like my profile with company B and would like to continue working with them even after the green card is approved.


I know that I can file AC 21 if I do not get GC by 180 days but if I get my GC before that, can I work for both the companies at the same time. So work for GC sponsoring employer for 6 months with minimal salary (company A) and at the same time continue to work for company B? That would mean 2 payrolls at the same time for 6 months period and then quit the job with GC sponsored employer (after 6 months) and continue with company B.

Has anyone done something similar?


Thanks in advance!


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