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Zareen Ahsan

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First of all I would like to Thank all the forum members for sharing their experience. It was really helpful for me to prepare the documents. Following is my visa stamping experience.


My history: In US since 2006, initially on F1 and then J1. This is my first H1b visa stamping.


Appointment at Ottawa in the second week of Sept. Following questions were asked.


Me:Good Morning.

VO: Good Morning. Please tell me about your self.


Me: I just finished my residency training and now applying for my first H1b.


VO: Are you going to an underserved area?

Me: Yes


VO: You were on J1 before?

Me: Yes.


VO: Who do you live with in US?

Me: My husband and child.


VO: You had a change of status from F1 to J1 but did not get J1 visa  stamp?

Me: Yes


VO: Do you have any passport with the visa stamp?

Me: Yes (gave it to him and he stamped cancelled with out prejudice on my old visa).


VO: Your visa is approved. Please pick your passport in 2-3 days (Gave instructions)

Me: Thanks.


Got email from LOOMIS on Day 5. They mostly send only one email and once you go to the location passport is ready for pick up. Port of entry is done in Canada (Airport). At port of entry basic details regarding job was asked and it was a smooth process.


All the best!



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