H1B Interview in Calgary - Online Reservation Question, THX!!!


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Hey Guys,


Need some help here, I ran into some issue when I was trying to make an appointment for the Calgary Consulate...


I am now working in the States, I want to renew my H1B visa (expired earlier this month) in Calgary, I've just got my Canadian TRV approved. So when making the selection, should I choose "Applicants reside in Canada" or "Applicants reside in the US"? My guess is "US", but then it shows that the next available appointment is in 46 days...... I tried "reside in Canada", it says next appointment is in 2 days... I need to renew the visa asap for a coming international travel which will happen in couple of weeks...


Can you all give me some clarification here? Thanks so much!!!


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Just an update, I chose the "Applicants reside in the US" option, the system initially put me on Nov. 20th; I sent out an expedited request to the consulate, and the request was rejected today... but I was told additional slots will be released from time to time, and I was lucky enough to book one on Oct. 9th... so don't get frustrated if you cannot reserve an ideal date, things might come out sooner than you think:) Good luck!

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