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Hi All, I am in the process of buying a home and should be moving in late Nov. Also, next week (Oct 8) my wife and I apply for our EAD/AP renewal but plan to put in my friend's address just to make sure we do not lose any documents (EAD/AP)before moving. Today morning we also changed our address online to my friends address (AR-11 online)

- After filling out AR-11 there was another screen which asks to change address for a pending application. I have a pending I-485 but I know it will not get approved anytime soon at least not until I move in to a new place. Do I need to change that address now or when I move in to my new place ?
- My I-765 is not yet pending since I have not applied for renewal, do you think I should fill that page out ?

Please advise if I need to fill out any other forms during this transit. Help is always appreciated.

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I doubt your EAD/AP renewal that you are filing on Oct 8 will get approved by Nov end. So don't mess around with changing your address to somewhere you don't actually live i.e. your friend's house. Since you are buying a house, I am assuming there is some overlap period where you will take possession of the new house but still live in your rental. You can utilize this period to change address. In the worst case you can pay USPS $1 for mail forwarding service and they are pretty good at it.

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