Canadian visitor visa- question "IMM5257E" !! URGENT - please help !!!


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I am planning to visit Canada with my wife for my l1b extension and currently in process to submit IMM5257E for TRV (through mail). However while submitting the "IMM5257E"  for my wife I am not sure what i need to answer for "Funds available for my stay (CAD)" , as she does't have bank account in US.


Please guide me here asap.


Thanks for lot in advance.






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My situation is quite same as you. I am applying for a temporary work permit for me and  visitor visa for my wife. In her IMM5257, in  the field "Funds available for my stay (CAD)" what should I put? She does not have a bank account in US. Should I show my balance? For that do I can attach my bank statements. Do I need to upload (I am applying online, not paper) any other documents mentioning that I will bear her costs?




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