Relocation to a different state - no change in job


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Hi, I have an urgent question please.


My PERM and I-140 are approved and my priority date is 21 June, 2011.  I'm waiting for my date to become current.

I have my H1B extension, valid until May 2016.


I am relocating to a different state. I currently work from home for my employer.  My home office location is listed on the LCA.  My company is going to file a new LCA and H1B amendment.  However, my concern is, do they also need to submit a new PERM and I-140? 


Once I give up this home office and move, I cannot return to it (I rent the home).  When it comes to submitting the I-485, would I be expected to be working from my current location, or would the new LCA and H1B amendment take care of that?


Thanks for you urgent inputs.  I am due to give notice to my current Landlord on Monday and sign the new lease for new location.  I'm feeling anxious to do that until I know if my I-485 would be impacted.



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