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My employer is filling my GC process and my employer has applied for Labor certification. But, today he sent me an email stating that Employer responsibility is to take care of labor certification ($1000), Advertisement cost & recruiting ($2160) and job board processing ($1500) which total cost is about $4660. It said that employee responsibility is to take care of I-140 ($3000 + USCIS GOVT FEE) & I-485 ($1000 + USCIS GOVT FEE).


I am not sure if employee has to bear this expenses. This amount is quite expensive. Can someone suggest me if this has to bear by employee or employers bear all Green Card process expenses. is there any way to negotiate with an employer?? 

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Guys Thanks for reply back.


I am not denying that GC is paid but my concern is does employee has to bear that expense for I-140 that comes with $3000?

To be frank employer has to pay all the immigration expenses for an employee. But LAW doesn't state in that way because it expects that employer will pay since employee is or will be working for that employer.

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